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There are 14,000+ agents with the Greater Vancouver Real Estate Board. Choosing the right agent when selling your home is kind of tough – especially when they all sound the same. These key questions will help you select the right agent and make sure they are committed 110% to your personal goal - selling possibly the biggest investments.

Q     Do you have a team of real estate professionals to help manage the marketing of my home?
A     We have a team dedicated to the marketing of your home which will be more effective than an individual agent. Our team ensures the important details in the marketing of your home are not overlooked or forgotten.

Q     Do you have an aggressive, written marketing plan in which you invest your personal dollars? What will you do to sell my home?
A     We customize an exceptional marketing plan tailored to each and every one of our clients. We spend marketing dollars upfront to ensure that your home gains maximum exposure it deserves. Most real estate companies provide generic marketing plans, and if the agent doesn't supplement it, your promotions remain limited in a cookie cutter environment.

Q     Do you know the difference between passive selling and aggressive marketing?
A     We sell our client's homes aggressively. We do more than just put your home on the MLS and a sign on your front lawn. If you ask other agents the same question,...wait and don't say a word. See if they truly have an explanation or even know there is a difference. If they do not, consider choosing someone else.

Q     If 90% of buyers start their search online, what will you do to help them find my home?
A     We own and operate over 6 websites and have an internet marketing campaign and budget to drive traffic to their web sites. We utilize the latest technology and sites to gain maximum exposure for our clients.

Q     Do you have a written guarantee allowing me to unconditionally terminate my listing at any time, for any reason, with no advance notice, no explanation, and with no strings attached.
A   With our EASY EXIT Listing Agreement, you can cancel your listing with us at any time. No hassles. It’s easy.  There is only one reason a company or agent does not offer this guarantee. They do not have the confidence in their services to offer this guarantee to you. Why should you have confidence in their services, if they don't?

Q     How does your marketing benefit sellers directly?
A     The direct marketing of your home will help it to sell more quickly and for more money. If an agent can't explain how multiple buyers can be put through your home…run!

Q     What happens to the marketing of my home on weekends or when you are on vacation?
A     Our team's approach allows us to be working on call for you seven days a week. You don't have to rely on another agent -- who knows very little about you, your property, your concerns, or your goals -- to try to fill in.

Q     How will I know what is being done to market my home? How often will I hear from you if I list my home with you?
A     Communication is very important. We keep you in the loop with the marketing efforts and potential buyer's feedback. If an agent is not up front with you and accountable, why should you have faith in them?

Q     How do you keep track of all the details during closing?
A     We are system and checklist based. If the other agents don't pull out their checklists, then they fly by the seat of their pants

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