New Westminster Lofts

New Westminster Lofts - a Brief History

New Westminster Lofts have been increasing over the years, as Loft living has become synonymous with a trendy urban lifestyle. Many well known developers, like Robert Fung, are responding to the demand with loft-like or loft-styled options.

New Westminster lofts for sale are typically newer developments. However, traditionally lofts were industrial spaces converted to residential spaces by artistic types. The appeal to artists, so the story goes, started in Paris in the mid 19th-century when large canvasses required high ceilings. Lofts have since spread to every major city, and become a symbol of hip, urban life in popular culture.

Characteristics of New Westminster Lofts
Many New Westminster Lofts are characterized by open spaces and large windows, beams and columns; exposed ducting and brickwork; high ceilings and wood or concrete floors. Because of their popularity and the lack of true loft spaces, many developers began creating loft-style apartments that mimic some of the traditional loft characteristics: large windows open floor plans. 

Originality of New Westminster Lofts
One of the main reasons New Westminster lofts are popular is the desire for originality. Many potential buyers have become disillusioned with small and unoriginal living spaces. A purchaser contemplating buying a loft apartment faces no such problems. Although the individual designs of New Westminster lofts will vary, generally speaking they are likely to be unlike anything you have seen before.

Who Should Buy a New Westminster Loft?
There are no rules as to who should or should not consider purchasing a loft apartment. Many new loft developments state that their target market for lofts is young professionals working and living in the city. Demographic patterns demonstrate the need for spaces such as New Westminster lofts.

However, many families with children choose to purchase a loft apartment, due to the large amount of space and potential available.

Empty Nesters - The Lifestyle Appeal of New Westminster Lofts

No longer just for young people, urban residence is becoming increasingly popular with the older generation. The simplicity of loft and condo living is attractive to people who don't have the time or ability to keep up the rigorous responsibilities of traditional home owning.

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