New Westminster Townhomes

New Westminster Townhomes offer a Great Value

New Westminster Townhomes are an excellent value and are normally at a very reasonable price point for a larger selection of buyers. New Westminster townhomes, also known as townhouses, have become a great alternative for homeowners and are a natural transition for growing families who are finding the confines of an apartment too limiting. They are also a nice transition for empty nesters who would prefer less maintenance, which is normally associated with a stand-alone home.

Styles of New Westminster Townhomes
Normally, New Westminster townhomes have more than one floor but each unit is separate from the next, with no occupants living on the floor above or below your house. New Westminster Townhomes give people great benefits especially in current times with lifestyle changes. When purchasing a townhome, you get the benefit of owning a property on its own land and a condo in one package.

Affordability of New Westminster Townhomes
Generally speaking, New Westminster townhomes cost much less compared to single-family homes. You’ll be hard pressed to find a single-family home with similar square footage for that price near this vibrant neighbourhood.

Sense of Security & Less Maintenance
New Westminster townhomes can offer a strong sense of security because of the proximity of your neighbors, which can provide a quick response during an emergency. The amount of exterior maintenance on a New Westminster townhome is often drastically reduced simply because there is a dwelling on one or more sides of the home, which means more time to spend with family and friends. And with a few more pennies in your pocket, you might even be able to spend some of that time saved away on vacation!

Social Aspect of New Westminster Townhomes
New Westminster is well-known for a strong sense of community. It is very often referred to as a small town within the city. New Westminster townhomes allow you to socialize easily with your neighbors. They often share facilities like a swimming pool and playgrounds that enhance community life.

Whether you are a growing family looking for more space, or downsizing from your house, we are happy to guide you in your search for your New Westminster Townhome. 

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